NF Honey Badgers

NF Honey Badgers

January 17, 2022
January 24, 2022
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  • NF Honey Badgers (NFHB) is the only officially licensed NFT collection by Christopher Gordon AKA 'Randall', creator of the legendary and the most viral Honey Badger meme video ever with nearly 100 million views - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg
  • OpenSea royalty payments will be split 50/50 with our NFT holders
  • 30% of all royalties, which will be paid to a community wallet controlled by the votes from the Honey Badgers, will go to a fund that will be used for the growth of our project, SoliCity and metaverse as well as the home of the NF Honey Badgers.
  • Every month, a piece of the Honey pot (10% of our community wallet) will go to conservation efforts as determined by NFT holders. Honey Badgers are able to shape the world, both digitally and physically, when they do care.


The most incredible Honey-Badger-only Metaverse is being built by SoliCity and will continue to grow with our community. The 'Art Convention Centre' would be connected to SoliCity's VR NFT gallery. The 'Snake Pit' could be transformed into an engaging P2E gaming experience. Meanwhile, the Mining Farm is on its way towards integrating with the ultimate meme currency 'Honey Badger Don't care (HBDC),' which will be one the ERC-20 tokens that power the NFHB metaverse. Every attraction in SoliCity has a unique utility and something to please every one of the 10,000 unique NF Honey Badger residents.

SoliCity flies the flag of Honey Badger, nature’s precise-tuned badass. We are a community of free-spirited people, unbound by shits or burdened by dips.

Join us at Discord where honey is well worth its weight in gold, and badger lore never gets tired.

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