Selfridges’ “Universe” NFTs feat. Paco Rabanne and Vasarely

Selfridges’ “Universe” NFTs feat. Paco Rabanne and Vasarely

January 28, 2022
March 12, 2022
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Selfridges, a luxury department store based in the UK, is set to be the first to sell NFTs over-the-counter. The boutique will offer over 1,800 NFTs at fixed prices, with prices ranging from $2700 to $137,000. The boutique will offer over 1,800 fixed-price NFTs with a tag ranging from $2,700 to $137,000.

Selfridges team up with Substance to enter the metaverse as part of the "Universe” project. Substance is a digital platform that engages in the development of VR environments on Decentraland and the development NFTs.

In-store and online exhibitions will showcase 55 works by Victor Vasarely, the iconic 20th century Op Art artist. This will allow you to buy digital assets from Paco Rabanne's Spring-Summer 2022 collection. It was inspired by Vasarely’s artistic genius. Selfridges will sell NFTs that include 12 of the original 12 designs by the fashion designer, at the beginning of his remarkable career. These tokens will drop between January 28th and March 12th.

Select Paco Rabanne's NFTs, along with physical copies of the originals, will be included. Crypto assets enable their owners to alter their avatars and take stunning pictures online in Paco's dresses. The Foundation Vasarely Museum, Aix-en-Provence will receive any funds raised.

The Selfridges in-store pop up is designed to make buying NFTs as easy as shopping in a shop," Jason Attard (founder and CEO of Substance) explained. He said that the ability to buy NFTs using a credit card alone could make the technology more affordable.

Substance creates a crypto wallet automatically for customers who buy NFTs. This allows them to store their NFTs without the need for verification.

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