Tembo Guardians

Tembo Guardians

February 2, 2022
February 9, 2022
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Tembo Guardians is a collection of elephant-themed NFT's that live on the Ethereum Mainnet. Each trait is carefully crafted and hand-drawn. This community combines technology, art and financial power to make a difference for elephants around the globe.

- Total raffle giveaway for holders of 225 Ethereum

- Total donation of 165 ETH for charity

- Two all-inclusive safari trips with Fair Travel

- Collectors Competition with 30 ETH/100k USD Main Prize

Second winner of the Collectors Competition 15 ETH/50k USD

- Sandbox integration / Game development -

This is what we do from the heart. We are not a dump and pump project. We want to make something that will last! We want to give our holders stability and wealth, help animals, and push forward our start-up Kijani Labs to make Tembo Guardians BlueChips and to realize more blockchain ideas like gaming/metaverse.

This is why we have a 33% share of all sales revenue.

**33% goes into giveaways/donations**

**33% of the proceeds go into Kijani Labs for new features and projects**

**33% goes towards the team members**

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