The Passaways

The Passaways

January 7, 2022
January 14, 2022
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The Passaways! This collection of 10,000 creative souls was captured on film and will soon be available on the Theta Network.

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Goodbye. These were the last words spoken by our friends, the Passaways. Interstellar travelers and interdimensional beings occasionally step back into their world. While some are looking for meaning in the afterlife, others just enjoy the afterparty.

They have been seen at the feet of our beds, and behind us on the stairs. They have been seen pulling at our sheets, whispering our names, and when we go to bed they are often there. They are trying to tell us something.

You can now help.

According to legend, capturing a Passaway on film can unite its soul and its caretaker and give them insight into the Passaway world. They will tell their story through you. We are now releasing 10,000 Passaways, which our special team has collected from around the world. These forgotten souls must be protected and their stories told.

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