The Space Bulls

The Space Bulls

January 6, 2022
January 13, 2022
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The SpaceBulls

SpaceBulls is a community-driven NFT initiative. After over a year of hardwork, 8888 unique 3D Boxed Space Bulls featuring more than 100 carefully drawn traits are now ready to be minted into The Metaverse. They will be available on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our Design:

In 2020, SpaceBull hand-drawn sketches were our starting point. We felt there were too many 2D projects on the market so our amazing team wanted to create something new and unique. SpaceBulls are meticulously designed and rendered in 3D software. We felt that a 3D NFT project was not enough. We wanted to create something more. We came up with rotating 3D collectable boxes that cover SpaceBull. This unique addition to the NFT is unlike anything else!

Unbox your SpaceBull

SpaceBull owners will be able, once all SpaceBulls have settled down, to create an identical, but unique SpaceBull avatar which will live in a different collection. This is called "unboxing". We will soon reveal more information. Unboxed Spacebulls are a profile picture (avatar), of your Spacebull, that you can use in your social media accounts.

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