Alan ki Aankhen – Cityscape NFTs by Fahad Karim

Parting ways with regular NFTs, Alan ki Aankhen is blowing the minds of the artwork enthusiasts with picturesque artwork NFTs by Fahad Karim.

Apes, gorillas, aliens, and obviously humans – you might have seen NFTs of living beings, but are NFTs limited to the living beings? What if you are passionate about artwork?

Don’t be saddened! Alan ki Aankhen presents long-form generative artwork. This NFT artwork series is created entirely using the code without any human curation or interference.

Concept of Alan ki Aankhen

Are you a fan of landscapes? How about if you own one of those mesmerising landscapes? Alan ki Aankhen project consists of visually aesthetic and distinct styled worldly landscapes. Alan ki Aankhen (translates as ‘Alan’s Eyes’ in English) depicts about machine intelligence test of Alan Turing – a thought experiment where one cannot differentiate between the artificial and the real.

How does Fahad Karim View It?

As per Fahad, the decision-making and algorithms encoded in this NFT artwork project imitate his approach to traditional composition rules, themes, and textures. His nomadic life inspires the visual elements of the project. Go along the NFTs artwork, and you will find Egyptian pyramids, intricate windows of Rajasthan, a dense civilisation of New York, and our Moon!

Well, it’s not exactly a landscape; it’s a cityscape. Five hundred unique cityscapes are randomly generated as a part of the artwork launch. Each cityscape edition will have one of the following eight compositional styles:

  • Pencil city
  • Ancient city
  • Rooftops
  • Maze of windows
  • Eyescape
  • Upside down
  • Crowded city
  • Ocean towers

Whenever Fahad got stuck, he always thought – how can he approach this project with paper, pen, and a human brain? He aims to capture the visual look, a higher level of creative approach, and the feel of his hand-drawn artwork that motivates and drives him to complete his drawings. It took months of hard work for Fahad to create this beautiful NFT project. First, he spent months studying each element and detailing the parameters that define the geometry of various elements. This helped him decide what would be used in developing these digital generative drawings.

It all began with studying individual elements and then parameterising and codifying the geometry to understand how to draw each one. This helped Fahad study how these elements are brought to life by the designers and carpenters in the real world.

Alan ki Aankhen NFTs

Alan ki Aankhen project has been selected for the Art Blocks Curated Series 8 collection. This artwork contains many minute details that can get lost in low resolutions. Therefore, the minimum recommended resolution to truly experience the beauty of this artwork is 1500*1000 pixels. However, a more enhanced resolution for an ideal viewing experience is 2700*1800 pixels or higher.

Fahad Karim is a New York-based engineer and artist. Fahad’s work explores and celebrates the vivid human culture that includes symbols, icons, mythological creatures, monuments, and whatnot. He lived a nomad life across the globe, allowing him to explore the world and experience diverse cultures reflected in his creations. India, USA, Switzerland, Egypt, Bangladesh, Mexico, Philippines, etc. – you can witness the culture and creativity of the places he travelled. He has truly combined his analytical mind with his artistic interest by committing fully to this medium of generative art.


  • No. of items: 500
  • Total Owners: 365
  • Floor Price: 0.85 ETH
  • Creators: Fahad Karim

Learn more about Alan ki Aankhen now!

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