Alley Katz NFTs: A Journey into the World of Gaming, Streetwear, and Web3

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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are quickly becoming a popular form of digital ownership, enabling people to own unique assets that are secured on a blockchain network. The rise of NFTs has given birth to a new era of digital collectibles, where creativity and innovation are the driving forces. One such NFT project that is making waves in the world of blockchain and digital assets is Alley Katz.

Alley Katz NFTs were first minted on 2023-02-01 16:41 and have quickly gained popularity, with a total of 9,999 NFTs in circulation. The total volume indexed for Alley Katz across different platforms such as,,, and Artifct is ₳3,872,657, making it a highly sought-after project.

The Back Story

Like many other successful NFT projects, the Alley Katz collection has a back story

The story behind the Alley Katz NFTs is that of a group of people living in a government-controlled dystopia, where they are constantly monitored and forced to conform to the standards set by the government. In an attempt to take back their freedom and avert mutual assured destruction, they begin to express themselves through creative means such as clothing, music, and art. The only place they find privacy is in the alleyways, where they can stay off the grid. This experience has led to the creation of the Alley Katz brand, which has been branded as “Destruction”, giving birth to the Destruction movement.

During our research we found multiple projects under the same name. The NFT Bulletin team advises traders to please double check the smart contract addresses before making a purchase!

What is the proposed Alley Katz Roadmap?

The team behind Alley Katz NFTs has outlined a clear roadmap for the project, with several exciting events and milestones along the way. The following is a breakdown of the roadmap:

  1. Birth of The Destruction (Alleylist Event)
  2. CNFTcon (Meet & Greet / AlleyList event)
  3. Coming Soon Website Puzzle (AlleyList event)
  4. Discord Open (Shock Drop AlleyList event)
  5. Art / Meme Contest
  6. Collaboration Giveaways
  7. Website / Collection Size Reveal
  8. Mint Date Reveal
  9. Where is Dop? (AlleyList event)
  10. Destruction Is Live - Minting

The birth of the Destruction movement is the starting point of the journey, and it will be followed by a series of events and milestones that will bring the project to life. CNFTcon will provide an opportunity for Alley Katz NFT holders to meet and greet each other, while the coming soon website puzzle will keep the community engaged and entertained.

The Discord Open (Shock Drop AlleyList event) will be a major milestone, providing a platform for the community to connect and discuss the project. The art and meme contest will give the community an opportunity to showcase their creativity and contribute to the project. Collaboration giveaways will provide a way for the community to get involved in the project and win exciting prizes.

The website/collection size reveal will provide an update on the size of the collection and the website, while the mint date reveal will give the community a clear picture of when the project will be fully up and running. The final event, “Where is Dop?”, will be a mystery that the community will have to solve, leading to the final milestone, the Destruction is Live – Minting.

The project has a floor price of 420 ADA (Yes! 420! Light one up) and a total trade volume of around 4 million ADA.


Alley Katz NFTs is a unique and innovative project that brings together the worlds of gaming, streetwear, and web3, providing a platform for people to own unique digital assets and be themselves. We look forward to seeing what the Alley Katz team comes up with next!

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