Apes Rolling to Music: The Music Ape Club NFT

Feel the beat and join the Music Ape Club now! If you are lucky, you get the chance to win $200,000 in Phase 3 of the roadmap. Let’s get rolling with Music Ape NFTs.

Apes are dominating the NFT space. From bored mutants to apes who are music lovers – we think apes are evolving faster than humans now!!

The Music Ape Club NFT is an Ethereum blockchain-based NFT collection stored as ERC-721 tokens. The artwork is revealed instantly and staked into the game hosted on IPFS immediately. This project consists of 180+ hand-drawn traits making each NFT unique.

Talking about Music Ape NFTs, these are ordinary apes with extraordinary taste in music. Each ape has a musical instrument: a trumpet, mouth organ, accordion, piano, and so forth — there's no limitation. Their makeover and costume perfectly match their choice of musical instruments.

Benefits of holding Music Ape NFT

Following are the benefits of holding the Music Ape Club NFTs:

  • Exclusive rights to the NFT
  • Earn rewards in the form of a percentage share of the revenue from a legal cannabis microbusiness
  • Step into the world with the STAC family. Here, each NFT comes with a membership to an exclusive group of real estate investors and indie musicians.
  • Feel the beat and get rolling with the Music Ape Club private community to avail endless utilities and benefits.
  • Use the NFT as an avatar anywhere. Furthermore, Music Ape Club NFT can be staked to earn $MAC in blockchain games.

The Music Ape Club moves forward with the ambition to organize various events across the world and strengthen the community. The Music Ape Club aims to build a network of investors and entrepreneurs with common interests and the same mindset.

Elite Music Apes

The Elite Music Apes are the rarest apes of the Music Ape Club NFTs. Holding one of the Elite Music Apes will open the doors to multiple opportunities. Elite Music Apes can be randomly minted or purchased through the secondary market. Elite Music Ape holders are considered VIP members in the community and get exclusive access to premium cannabis products, private smoke-out parties, and real estate opportunities.

Music Ape journey

Well, interesting apes have engaging journeys! Here is the roadmap of Music Apes:

  • Phase-1: Hit the Club: Mini giveaways are provided to all the supporters of the Music Ape Club. Furthermore, white-listed members will get the chance to access presales and avoid gas wars.
  • Phase-2: Rave and Smoke Clouds: The Music Ape Club NFT will produce the $MAC currency daily. However, be careful – the Federal Apes have been authorized to seize and fine the Music Apes. With $MAC, you can earn and spend in-game to mint more NFTs.
  • Phase-3: Behind the Scenes: Big Bonanza here! 10 Elite Music Ape NFTs will be revealed. These ultra-rare winners will grant nine winners $10,000 in ETH. One grand prize winner will get a whopping $200,000 in ETH.
  • Phase-4: Puff Puff Pass: Many people have seen someone suffering from cancer. In several studies, THC and CBD products and music have been given to cancer patients to ease their pain. Therefore, $25,000 will be donated to the American Cancer Society as a part of this Phase!


  • No. of Items: 4.4k
  • Owners: 1.6k
  • Floor Price: ETH 0.01
  • Creator: MusicApeTheDeployer

Learn more about the Music Ape Club NFT now! Follow Music Ape Club on social media!

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