Check out the The Royal Chess Club NFT collection

Checkmate ! Check out the The Royal Chess Club NFT collection on Cardano

The Royal Chess Club is the first of its kind, a Cardano blockchain-based chess NFT project. This project aims to bring the classic game of chess to the world of crypto, offering users a chance to experience the game in a whole new way.

The Royal Chess Club comprises of a dynamic collection of 300 chess sets with a total of 4,800 NFTs. The art features 6 base characters that represent the 6 different types of chess pieces – King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn. Each piece is an NFT, with unique features generated through complex levels of automation and a combination of traits.

What are the Royal Chess Club Membership Cards?

Enroll for a membership card and get front of the line access to future mints, updates and airdrops. The Royal Chess Club offers three membership options – Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze Membership guarantees up to 1 mint, Silver Membership guarantees up to 3 mints, and Gold Membership guarantees up to 5 mints.

The Royal Chess Club - Art review

The chess art is divided into 10 families, each inspired by the evolution of the game across centuries. These families are part of one of the four chess classes – Master, National, International, and Grandmaster – that allow users to stake and earn rewards.

The chess NFTs will be ranked based on their historical origin, with the earliest pieces being the rarest. This creates an exciting opportunity for collectors and chess enthusiasts alike to own a piece of history. The chess pieces look royal and mystical and we give the art a thumbs up.

Chessverse: A World of Crypto

By being a part of The Royal Chess Club, users will also have access to the exclusive Chessverse – a world of chess gaming that helps users expand their knowledge of crypto. The collection has 4800 items with a current floor of 140 ADA. Royal Chess Club has already completed over $1.1 mn in NFT sales.


The Royal Chess Club is a unique NFT project that combines the timeless game of chess with the exciting world of crypto. With a dynamic collection of 4,800 NFTs, membership options, and a world of chess gaming, this project offers something for everyone. If you love chess, the Royal Chess Club is a must-visit destination in the world of crypto.

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