Destroy And… – Not Only an NFT But a Way of Living

Destroy And… drew its inspiration from a Covid-19 documentary. The project aims to deliver value by imparting the authentic way of living life, i.e., destroy and rebuild!

Destroy And… NFT project is a 5000 units NFT project built on Ethereum blockchain technology. What’s enticing about this project is that it is generated by ‘Destroy’ and ‘Rebuild’ many classic elements, i.e., well-known Japanese anime, American pop culture and classic NFT blue-chip project. Aiming to convey the spirit of ‘Destroy’ and ‘Rebuild’, the project always encourages people to do what they love and keep breaking through.

How Destroy And… Emerged?

There is a much larger story and message behind how Destroy And… NFTs emerged.

It all started with the documentary ‘The First Wave’. The creator watched this documentary that showcases how the patients and the hospital staff in Queens Hospital, New York, dealt with the virus threats during the initial 4 months of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the protagonists was an African American female doctor. She actively sought racial equality during that time, and her fighting spirit and attitude of never giving up in the face of difficulties deeply touched the creator of Destroy And… Even though they confronted such an enormous threat, their urge to fight against the pandemic and continue fighting for equality remained firm.

That spirit of the African-American doctor can be captured as ‘Destroy and Rebuild,’ i.e., stick to what you love and keep breaking through the obstacles. That led to the start of ‘Destroy And…’ through which the NFT team wants to convey the same spirit and value to the world.

In today's world, people across the globe suffer from inflation, epidemics, war etc. While many people have that flickering sparks, they cannot ignite a fire in their hearts to do something meaningful. Therefore, Destroy And… acts as an inspiration for those who have the ambition and passion for joining this journey, i.e., to overcome, breakthrough, destroy and rebuild.

Destroy And… is a group of ordinary yet extraordinary people who wants to build a community and pass on the spirit of demolishing and rebuilding. The culture of Destroy And… is dedicated to all those who yearn for evolution. Many areas like hip-hop, crypto, skating etc., have this spiritual core. The hardships we face are not a hindrance but rather fuel that inspires us to continue exploring and strive for innovation.

Destroy And… Species

Destroy And… starts with 6 foundational species – each one being the re-imagined traits pulled from the most popular NFT collections that hit the Web3 space so far. 5 of these species include:

  • Momus: A school girl with two big ponytails and heart-shaped left-eye popping out. Her watery mouth is like she seems to be looking at something delicious and wanting to eat it.
  • Eucleia: A funky hair-styled money smoking a pipe and listening to AirPods. His colourful hairstyle is similar to that of Snoop Dogg with a funky pink jacket.
  • Aether: The white avatar with diamond pattern skin and light pink curly hairstyle. Feel the anger and dominance in her eyes.
  • Empusa: Humanoid – bald, smoking a cigarette and emitting laser beams from her eyes. She is a wired humanoid!
  • Algos: Freaky green – Algos is a zombie-like human with rotting and fetid seeds sprouting all over it.

All these avatars have one thing in common – their heads are floating in the air while separated from their necks!!

Benefits of Destroy And… NFTs

  • Holding Destroy And… NFTs come with the following benefits:
  • They act as tickets to the rare NFT airdrops, token airdrops, slot machines etc.
  • Participate in various activities in the future like Destroy and Crypto, Destroy and Skate, Destroy and Hip-hop and Destroy and X to spread the culture.


  • No. of Items: 5000
  • Owners: 1.4k
  • Floor Price: ETH 0.01
  • Creator: Destoryandofficial

Know more about the Destroy And… NFTs now!

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