Make way for the CyberNerds - A new set of collectibles on OP

CyberNerds is a set of 4444 colorful collectibles

Welcome to the world of CyberNerds, an experimental NFT project on Optimism that aims to build a Web3 community for wanderers, explorers, and pioneers. If you're looking for an NFT collection that is community-focused and committed to contributing to public goods, then CyberNerds is the project for you.

CyberNerds is built on the Optimism network and is unique in that holders can vote on what to do with the treasury assets. 15% of the mints and 40% of the loyal fee from secondary sales will go to the Dao treasury. The team behind CyberNerds understands the importance of community and has made it a priority to surf the crypto space together.

One of the most compelling aspects of CyberNerds is its commitment to public goods. 51% of the mints revenue and 38% of secondary sale revenue will be donated to public goods. Additionally, 5% of the mints will go to the American Red Cross via an eth address. This is a great way to contribute to important causes while also collecting unique NFTs.

At NFT Bulletin, we found the artwork to be extremely vibrant and colorful. The collection features different Avatars, backgrounds, elements, heads and outfits. We think that the CyberNerds can make a great set of PFPs. However, what we did not like is the lack of a clear roadmap. Looking forward to seeing what the creative team brings next.

The mint price for CyberNerds is 0.0088 ETH and the total supply is 4444. The NFTs are minted on the Optimism chain, which is known for its high scalability and low latency. The collection has done a total volume of 39 ETH with a floor of 0.0093 ETH as of Jan 2023.

Overall, CyberNerds is an NFT project that stands out for its commitment to community and public goods. If you're looking for a unique NFT collection that is built on a strong foundation of social responsibility, then CyberNerds is definitely worth checking out.

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