Palm Paradise: Exploring the Fascinating World of Somewhere Else NFTs

Exploring the allure of palm trees with Somewhere Else NFTs

What are Somewhere Else NFTs?

Somewhere Else NFTs is a unique collection of 100 photographs of palm trees, captured by Los Angeles-based artist Will Nichols. The collection showcases the artist's ever-evolving style and presents the palm trees as main characters in their own right, transporting onlookers into alternative new worlds.

The allure of Palm Trees

Palm trees are one of the world's most recognizable and cherished plants, with their towering omnipresence serving as a universal expression of peace and tranquility. For Will Nichols, the magnetic pull of palm trees led him to discover newfound meaning when he first picked up a camera eight years ago. Initially, he documented his surroundings as a form of therapy, but he quickly gravitated toward the escapist quality that palm trees undeniably possess.

The Artistic Process

As Will grew deeper into his artistic process, the palm trees he captured began to take shape in hyper-realistic habitats, becoming main characters in their own right. His photographs transported onlookers into alternative new worlds, exploring the singular source of transportive—and transformational—hope that palm trees hypnotically provide.

The Collection

In his latest collection, "Somewhere Else: A Collection of 100 Palms," Will presents 100 photographs that represent his journey and showcase his ever-evolving style. The collection features largely crimson and orange hues in silhouetted photographs, which beautifully capture the unique characteristics of each palm tree. Each photograph tells its own story, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the world that Will has created.

NFT Volume and Floor Price

The collection has done an impressive total volume of 425 ETH, which is a testament to the unique and captivating nature of the collection. The floor price of the collection is currently 0.9 ETH, which is a reasonable price point for a collection of this caliber.


In conclusion, Somewhere Else NFTs is a unique and captivating collection of palm tree photographs that showcases the artistic talent of Will Nichols. The collection has a high level of detail and each photograph tells its own story, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the world that the artist has created. The collection has already achieved an impressive total volume of 425 ETH and is definitely worth considering for NFT collectors looking for something unique and captivating.

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