Stamp Library - Stamp collection on chain

Stamp Library is bringing the love of philately on to the blockchain

Stamp collecting and postcard collecting, also known as philately and deltiology respectively, have been beloved hobbies for decades. However, the world of collecting has changed with the advent of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Enter Stamp Library, a web 3.0 virtual post office built on the Cardano blockchain that brings the joy of these hobbies to a new generation of collectors.

Stamp Library offers three main utilities and services: design and minting of NFT postcards and stamps, mailing NFT postcards with personalized messages to other Cardano wallets, and mailing physical postcards to any address globally. This allows collectors to not only build a customized private collection of stamps and postcards, but also to experience the best of both worlds: digital assets as NFTs and tangible items as physical postcards.

The OG collection is called "The Postmaster series" which comes in both stamps & postcards."The Postmaster Definitives" is the OG stamp collection, consisting of 491 fixed stamp supply, published for two reasons:

(a) early supporters minted *a complete set of 16 stamps* & enjoy future benefits including airdrops, instant discount, WL for next collections and more. These are unique & they may not want to list or use for mailing postcard 

(b) normal affordable stamps of which they can use for mailing postcard

A combined volume is roughly 4,200 ADA given 3,400 ADA during mint & 800 ADA on the secondary market. A number we feel surreal for a niche project to gain such tractions.

But Stamp Library doesn't stop there, it also offers the option to mail physical postcards to any address globally, allowing collectors to have a tangible reminder of their virtual collection. This feature also makes it possible to send postcards as gifts to friends and family, bringing the joy of collecting to others.

When it comes to publishing a collection, Stamp Library issues 3 types of collections categories for different purposes:

-Private collection:

You can customize your stamp design, whether to feature your favorite NFT artwork or more. Stamp Library provides a full service, end-to-end, from design ideation, building persona/lore/storytelling, complete metadata set-up & mint, and wallet distributions.

- Partnership collection:

Collaborations with other artists/designers/creative minds/projects both in real-life business & on NFT projects on Cardano.

- Community collection:

Community collections that are built to bring the community together on a certain message, approach or objective.


Stamp Library already has a set of community collections. You can check them out here:

> Paws buddy:

a collection of 24 paws buddies (in-real-life pets) turned into NFT stamp art and souvenir note cards and staying on Cardano blockchain.

 > Stand Strong Together:

From time to time, we witness our community getting negatively impacted by bad actors, rug-pulls and quite a number of scams. The team at @Stamp Library, has published this Community stamp collection called “Stand Strong Together”, minted by @Stamp Library to distribute as a small gift (for free) to those who were impacted. This aims to carry the message of rebuilding morale, hope, courage and getting through this tough time together.

In conclusion, Stamp Library brings a new level of innovation and personalization to the world of philately and deltiology. Its combination of digital and tangible collecting options, along with its use of blockchain technology, makes it a unique and exciting project for collectors of all ages. We are excited to see what the founders of the Stamp Library come up with next for the lovers of philately and deltiology.

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