- How mad can the new MAD collection be? 📈

Meet the Web3 ecosystem dedicated to street culture.


Streetlabs is no stranger to successful NFT drops as their brand-new collection "memes and deth about crypto street art" looks to be another huge success! The MAD collection, organized by the glitch virtuoso niftyjutsu on Twitter, is a free mint featuring over 20 crypto-artists who want to pay tribute to street art in the digital space. The initiative aims to promote a CC0 movement, and the MAD collection will introduce an innovative mechanism that will evolve over time.

Art/Aesthetic Rating

The MAD NFT collection combines the uniqueness of street art with the fun and lightheartedness that comes with fresh memes. The art is high-effort, interactive and eye catching - which makes it the perfect fit for you PFP hunters!


With a total of 12,000+ members on Discord and an expert team of community moderators that are quick to respond, the project does boast a healthy community which is sure to leave a great first impression on all newcomers. The team's aim with transparency and educating their audience become evident when you see the vast library of community AMAs on their Twitter profile.

The project is meets our qualifications for real members and boasts a genuine and engaged community who truly care about their collectibles. The Discord server also does a great job to incentivise active participation and some whitelisting and pre-mint opportunities are still available if you join now!

Our Verdict

Overall, the StreetLabs NFT collection is a well-executed project with attention to detail in both the artwork and technical aspects of the NFTs. However, as with any investment, it is important to conduct due diligence and carefully consider the risks before purchasing any NFTs. It is also important to note that the value of NFTs can be volatile and subject to market fluctuations.

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