TGLP Genesis - Get Lifetime Access to TGLP

Would you like to be a part of the Tenset universe and invest in some amazing cryptocurrency projects? By investing in TGLP Genesis NFT, you can be a part of these great projects as you can get LIFETIME access to TGLP (Tenset Gem Launch platform ). To know more, read here.

Welcome to the Tenset universe! Were you looking forward to diving into the world of Tenset and TGLP? This NFT will assist you in accomplishing the same.

TGLP Genesis is an exclusive collection of approx 1000 unique cat NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

What makes this appealing is that a TGLP Genesis NFT also includes LIFETIME access to TGLP, with the offerings and benefits growing over time, in addition to a unique work of art or a cat avatar.

The auction for the NFT began on June 20, 2022, and was completed in a week.

Do these cats seem similar to you? Yes, these designs are created by Immortal Cats. Tenset’s strong bond with cats is strengthened by each of these NFTs’ distinct characteristics and techniques. These cats are mysterious! Chewing gum, emitting lasers from eyes, wearing funky accessories, and terrifying looks - these cats are some of the most cool-looking avatars in the NFT space. You can find futuristic, diamond-patterned skin, retro and fashionable cats - all in one place.

The most amazing benefit of holding this NFT is that you do not need to renew your subscription for TGLP or lock tokens every year, as you have lifetime access to TGLP. Additionally, the NFT holder is qualified to participate in Tenset Incubator initiatives during the SEED phase.

What does TGLP Genesis offer to holders?

Buying a TGLP Genesis NFT brings with it the following benefits:

  • You will have lifetime access to TGLP (therefore, you will not be required to extend your subscription each year). The supply is less, so you need to buckle up!
  • Are you worried about whether you will be able to sell these NFTs? Don’t worry; you can trade TGLP Genesis at any time on the Tenset marketplace or Opensea.
  • In addition, you will have the possibility of transferring ownership to a different wallet and participating in launch events. 
  • Are you a ‘social media freak’? This NFT will provide you with a unique design/avatar to post on social media. Now, you can post your favorite designs and show your friends. 
  • Not only are these desirable characteristics, but more attributes will be introduced in the future.

Caution here! At first, only investors with an active subscription will have access to TGLP NFTs. The subscriber must burn both the 10set tokens locked on TGLP and an additional 10 sets for bidding to convert to NFT.

What is TGLP? 

Tenset Gem Launch platform (TGLP) is the brainchild of Tenset. 

Tenset is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency investment industry. With their 10set token, investors can access various assets thanks to the ETF 2.0 portfolio.

They provide a top-notch launchpad platform with only the most promising cryptocurrency projects and the biggest airdrop pool in the industry.

Their platform TGLP will be a Kickstarter for projects in the seed and early stages of development with a lot of potentials.

Only the most impressive blockchain initiatives with enormous potential will be featured on this platform. Tenset has a rigorous screening and vetting procedure to assure the best quality and greatest potential when contemplating a project. 

They provide an unmatched solution on the market that will nurture and direct initiatives from their inception to the top of the cryptocurrency rankings. 

Holders have the profitable option to participate in projects with huge potential at the presale through this exclusive launchpad, which also enables Tenset to invest, resulting in a quick expansion of the ETF portfolio. These ventures have the potential to multiply by 100 or more.

So, isn’t that great? By investing in the TGLP Genesis NFT, you can automatically invest in some amazing cryptocurrency projects. 


No. of TGLP Genesis NFTs: 993 NFTs

Total Owners: 991

Floor Price: ETH 11.7 

Creator: TENSET 

Learn more about TGLP Genesis NFTs now!


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