The Fascinating World of Chimpers NFTs

Explore the fascinating world of Chimpers

The backstory

The Chimpers NFT project is based on an intriguing fictional backstory that is typical of many other NFT collections today. According to the project's website, the Chimpers were created through a 'scientific experiment that went unnoticed by the rest of the population'. These apes toiled alongside humans for control for decades until they were able to reclaim their land and push the humans out forever. Before they were vanquished, the humans had to discard the evidence of what they had created. They fired the Chimpers' DNA into the voids of space, hoping that their creation would never see the light of day. However, centuries passed, and new worlds were forged. The Chimpers extended across the galaxies, forming new species, and a new age began. With 100 Genesis Chimpers first inhabiting the world, now 5,555 Chimpers exist across the intergalactic warp. A world of warriors, gods, demons, mages, and space travelers standing at the cusp of an empire at the brink of war.

Intriguing to say the least ;)

What are Chimpers NFTs

The Chimpers NFT project is a collection of 5,555 unique Chimpers characters that are designed to inhabit the Chimpverse, a universe that is full of unique characters and fascinating lore. Each Chimpers character is different from the others and possesses unique traits, weapons, and abilities. Some of the Chimpers are warriors, while others are gods, demons, mages, and space travelers. The Chimpers NFT project is designed to offer a unique and immersive experience to its holders, who can enter the Chimpverse and engage in battles, quests, and other activities.

In addition to the Nintendo-Like pixelated games, there are also 2 minigames users can play on the site.

The Creators of Chimpers NFT

The Chimpers collection is created by the artist 'Timpers'. Timpers is a UK based pixel artist who creates gaming themed work from environments, scenes, characters and more, while using colours to convey moods and feelings. In the past Timpers has created many pieces of digital art and has sold over $100,000 in art pieces.

Conclusion: Why Chimpers NFTs are Worth taking a look at

Chimpers NFTs are a unique and exciting collection of characters that offer a truly immersive experience to their holders. The backstory of the Chimpers and the Chimpverse adds an extra layer of depth to the project, making it an intriguing and captivating investment opportunity. The rarity and uniqueness of each Chimpers NFT make them highly valuable and sought after. With the Chimpverse poised on the brink of war, there has never been a better time to invest in Chimpers NFTs and become a part of this incredible intergalactic adventure.

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