Unleashing the Chads - Reviewing ChadDoge Supers

Exploring the Chad-volution - The ChadDoge Collection

ChadDoge Supers is the latest addition to the popular NFT collection, Chad Doge. The second installment of the series brings a new level of excitement with its intriguing storyline and stunning artwork.

The story of ChadDoge Supers revolves around an unknown doctor who has been secretly experimenting with ChadDoge genetics. Using DNA stolen during routine vaccinations, the doctor has created 2,185 specimens in his lab, experimenting with more muscle mass, unstable power levels, and increased AWOOs. Through decades of trial and error, the doctor was able to grow an additional 2,815 specimens with no initial ChadDoge DNA input.

The artwork in ChadDoge Supers is a step up from the original collection. The designs are more detailed and dynamic, with a greater emphasis on muscle mass and power. The use of fire and mutation adds a new level of depth and excitement to the characters. The artwork is set in a 2D animated world, but the new collection features mutated and fiery looking cats, which makes them look more powerful and unique.

The Chad Doge collection is a popular collection with a total of 3250 items on Avalanche. The collection has done a total volume of 14000 AVAX with a current floor of 3.6 AVAX. You can click on the links on this page to dive deeper into the ChadDoge collection

Overall, ChadDoge Supers is a must-have for fans of the series and NFT collectors alike. The new storyline and artwork make it an exciting addition to any collection. If you're looking for a unique and eye-catching NFT, ChadDoge Supers is definitely worth checking out. We look forward to seeing what the team comes up with next

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