Your farming empire in the metaverse - A review of Sunflower Land

From side project to full-time endeavor: The story of Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is a farming simulator game that runs on the Polygon blockchain. Players engage in activities like planting crops, chopping wood, mining rocks, and more as they search for exotic and rare resources. The best part is that every resource is tokenized on the blockchain, allowing players to truly own and trade their in-game assets.

Sunflower Land is the world's #1 open-source Web3 RPG farming simulator, providing players with an immersive play-and-own crypto gaming experience. The game's concept revolves around farming crops, gathering resources, cooking food, raising animals, crafting items, and expanding your land to build a farming empire. The game also features a real-life economic supply and demand mechanism, with resources becoming scarcer as time progresses, keeping players engaged. The artwork features pixelated art from artist Daniel Diggle

Every item you harvest, gather, or craft in Sunflower Land is an asset that is 100% owned by the player and identifiable on the Polygon blockchain. This enables players to collect valuable and exotic resources and either use them in the game or remove them to trade on supported trading platforms. Some resources cannot be extracted from the farm, but any NFT crafted can be shared with friends or listed on trading platforms.The collection is one of the top collections on Polygon today with a total volume of 1138 ETH.

Sunflower Land, originally known as Sunflower Farmers, gained viral attention in Jan 2022 when it broke the Polygon network for a week. The game was initially a side project for just 3 friends (Adam Hannigan, Spencer Dezart-Smith and Romulo Furtado) but the incredible community support soon prompted them to make it a full-time endeavor. The core team includes individuals who help steer the ship and make influential decisions, consisting of full-time Thought Farm employees, contractors, partners, and influential community members.

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